September 24, 2007

Serving One's Country From a Campaign Bus

Earlier this year, Mitt Romney was asked why, if the Iraq War is so important to the security of the nation, none of his five service-age sons had enlisted in spite of ongoing recruitment shortfalls. He replied that his lads - whose breathless blog Five Brothers is mercilessly lampooned with regularity by TBogg - are serving their country working to get him elected president.

After widespread public outrage in response to the foolishness arrogance inherent in that comment - foolish arrogance which was apparently obvious to everyone but Mr. Romney - the former Massachusetts governor didn't actually apologize, but claimed he "misspoke." Remaining unexplained, however, is the non-service of five able-bodied young go-getters who are ostensibly committed to the "war on terror" as envisioned by their father, but who spend their time on a luxury bus traveling the country stumping for dad.

Recently, the Romney campaign added a feature to their website allowing users to make their own commercial. Slate V did just that, juxtaposing "approved" elements with Mr. Romney's crass comparison of service in the armed forces and volunteer public relations work. Enjoy (after a short advertisement):