June 30, 2007

Reality's Well-Known Liberal Bias

In one of the best "Back in Black" segments in recent memory, The Daily Show's Lewis Black artfully skewered liberal media bias paranoia, Rupert Murdoch and the tendency of conservatives to create their own bastardized versions of institutions when they are unhappy with prevailing opinion. (Fox News being perhaps the most obvious example.) He holds up for special ridicule Andrew Schlafly's Conservapedia, a right wing version of Wikipedia, and points out that, since Wikipedia is a platform open to editing by anyone, when conservatives create parallel constructions like Conservapedia, they are essentially conceding that they are outside the mainstream of American thought. As Stephen Colbert noted in his merciless roasting of President Bush at the 2006 White House Correspondents' Dinner, "Reality has a well-known liberal bias." (Video courtesy of Crooks and Liars.)

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i.m.small said...


When there was just a glimmer of a rumor of a charge
(Or evidence illegally obtained)
Then it was hunting season, as reporters sauntered large
Though decorous civility was strained--

Yet subsequent to Clinton other presidents it seems
Have had concealed rape charges that nobody
Raises amongst the press corps preferential weaving dreams,
Then too forgetting that war can be bloody.

Those making allegations--say of rape or of cocaine--
While unreported in the press have gone
To suicide conveniently--can anyone explain?
The public, blithely ignorant, goes on.

Why in one hand the allegation gets treated like fact,
Whilst in another utterly ignored?
Ah well, the world loves Clinton--weathering that was attacked--
But how much weather ought our race afford?

Perhaps what policy or what a man has done before--
Successful or a failure in his business--
Were best to be examined before opening one´s door
Relying not on hearsay borne of laziness.

The populace as never sinned a day in all its life
Has made a mountain from man´s little foible:
A man is wise who tells a little white lie to his wife,
As I learned that much from the Holy Bible!