June 12, 2007

Happy First Blogoversary!

Sensen No Sen is one year old today! Thank you to the small group of readers who come by here regularly, to those who have found there way to this blog periodically from sites like Crooks and Liars and Blue Herald, and to those who have linked my posts and passed them on to others. Knowing there are people out there who have found worth in what I've written is truly rewarding, and I hope I can continue adding value to the conversation!


QuestionGirl said...

Happy Anniversary! Time flies when you're havin fun, eh? ;-)

PBI said...

Definitely! It seems like only yesterday that I was a complete noob!

Batocchio said...

Congratulations! Now you're, um, uber 133t!


PBI said...

: D

(sigh) If only!