August 13, 2011

Things Just Got Dumber

One of these men is the aspiring leader of an increasingly desperate people whose culture is collapsing under the weight
of its own ignorance and short-sightedness.  The other is a character from the movie "Idiocracy".

If you believed the field of Republican president candidates was already about as venal, dumb, hypocritical and incompetent as it could get, you were wrong.  Texas Governor Rick Perry, a man who can best be described as George W. Bush for people who didn't think George W. Bush was George W. Bush-enough, has thrown his hat in the ring.

If the thought of fellow GOP contenders Michele Bachmann or Rick Santorum working to restore the American theocracy that never was, but which haunts their fever dreams, scares you, get ready for Mr. Perry, who is not only fresh from an organized prayer vigil for which he used state resources to publicize, but which is apparently his plan for when, you know, actual policy fails.

Unfortunately for the governor, at the same time that 30,000 conservative Christians showed up to all wish together that the historic drought plaguing their state would end and that things would get better, just down the road, more than three times that number of desperate Texans lined up for donations of school supplies, immunizations, fresh produce, and school uniforms.  If there is a better illustration for the leadership of Rick Perry, one would be hard-pressed to find it.

Still, what makes the chief executive of the Lone Star State so dangerous is that voters may be able to ignore his radical religious outlook, his contention that Medicare and Social Security are unconsitutional, or even his statement that perhaps Texas should secede from the United States, if the fairy tale of job creation within the so-called "Texas Miracle" gains any traction.  Texas has, in fact, added jobs even during the current recession, but at a terrible price: massive cuts to education coupled with the layoff of 100,000 teachers; the highest level of airborne carcinogens in the country; and sweeping empowerment of corporations at the expense of individuals.  Oh, and those jobs?  The majority are low-paying, low-skill, hourly positions. 

Today, despite all the hype, Texas is ranked dead last among states in health coverage for children; fourth in teen pregnancies; and again, dead last in the percentage of the population with a high school diploma.  The Texas Miracle is really a Texas Debacle, and a blueprint for winning a race to the bottom.  In a field of terrible candidates, Rick Perry may well be the worst.


lokywoky said...

Hey - how goes the job hunting?

On the Rethug candidates - I think most of them are just taking a page from The Grifter - announce you are running - run around the country pretending to be a candidate for a while, withdraw when it becomes inevitably obvious you won't win, and then go on a speaking tour while charging outrageous speaking fees (yes there are people out there dumb enough to pay them) and make your self several cool million, then retire home to enjoy the ill-gotten proceeds while you laugh all the way to the bank. It's a grift and Palin is the master of it.

The obviousness of it is apparent in that Christine O'Donnell has re-appeared on the scene - she's out of money. Again.

PBI said...

Hi LW,

Job hunting is a full-time job. Starting to get some nibbles, but it's definitely a process. Thanks for asking!

This particular bunch of candidates is pretty amazing in its terriblensess, with the possible exception of John Huntsman, but I don't think he has the stomach to whore himself out to the degree necessary to get past the primaries in today's fanatical, litmus-test-obssessed GOP. Man, that party has gone down the tubes.

Point well taken about Palin and O'Donnell. I think Santorum and Cain might be in it for the money, and Gingrich definitely is, but I see Bachmann, Perry and (despite his exit) Pawlenty as true believers.