February 4, 2011

A Brief Pause for Some Even-Handed Ribbing

It's been crazy-busy for the past several days, and I have had little time to put effort into a worthwhile post. So, having established my excuse for not getting something substantive composed, I give you a couple of quality cartoons, one new and one over 20 years old, that both amuse me greatly. They've been sitting in a file folder on my desktop, waiting for me to work them into a post somehow, and by default, I guess this is it.

This one's for the conservatives out there, a classic from Berke Breathed's amazing Bloom County:

The second is for the progressives, and while it is much more recent, I have no idea who put it together:

Hopefully, next week will allow me to return to actual posting, as opposed to cutting and-pasting other people's work. Until then, take care!


Grip said...

Loved 'em. Thanks, PBI.

- Grip

PBI said...

Good! Figured we could use a break. : )

lokywoky said...

Your posts are so well-researched and in-depth you are totally forgiven for taking a break. But only one.....ha ha!

Loved the cartoons!