August 19, 2010

Taking A Breather

I'm taking a short breather from posting for a month or two.  The last year has been a very busy one, encompassing not only my normal work and teaching schedule, but training for my godan test  and getting back in good enough shape to take it.  All of that paid off - I passed my exam last weekend - but I am, frankly, a bit pooped, and we're entering budget season at the ol' grind, so a small breather is in order.

Regular posting at Sensen No Sen will resume in the next 1-2 months, or whenever I feel caught up - whichever comes first...


lokywoky said...

Hi PB, Love the frog! Congrats on the test, and hope you get all caught up and rested and all. Just re-reading your post on the poor conservative movement and thinking about the additions of Christine O'Donnell and that porn guy in New York GACK!

Cannot believe these people are actually winning national elections.

See you soon!?!

PBI said...

Hi lokywoky,

I hope to be back soon, but my position at work is being eliminated as of Thursday, so I am very much focused on the job search.

I frankly can't believe some of the candidates either, but hopefully there will some sanity in the general elections!