May 10, 2009

Libertarian Vacation Paradise

With all the Fox News blather about imprecisely defined "socialism" and "fascism" under President Obama, it's worth noting that there are, in fact, countries around the globe that conform to some of the ideals and goals espoused by America's right wing.

For the religious zeaolots, there is Saudi Arabia, whose laws call out the intent that "society will be based on the principle of adherence to God's command." At the other end of the spectrum is Somalia, a failed state where society is supported only through the libertarian self-interest of private citizens.

Why is it, then, that these countries are never held up as exemplars of these doctrines, and why don't American conservatives at least vacation in places that embody their goals? Comedy troop The Public Service Adminstration helps us understand in the video below...


Pagani said...

Add to that list the libertarian paradises of Abu Dhabi and Dubai.

Dick Cheney owns a bunch of property in Dubai. Halliburton moved there and made it their headquarters; so THEY know it is Libertarian heaven!

In both cases, everything is privately-owned. Workers have no government protection from abusive employers and are effectively slaves, the environment is trashed thanks to no government regulations. A tiny handful of super-rich people own EVERYTHING.

It's their wet dream for America! And thanks to rampant ignorance in this country, I predict they'll get it, too.

I can understand why super-rich power elites would like the idea of universal privatization; because they are the ones who would end up owning everything and enslaving the rest of us.

It's harder to understand why the average person would think this is a good idea. I guess they believe they will magically become part of the ownership class. They won't.

I also think it is important to remember that while Libertarians like to emphasize "liberty" as part of their beliefs, they have a poison pill in their doctrine in the form of privatization.

They have forgotten or never realized that you have NO RIGHTS when you are on someone ELSE'S property.

And in Libertarian paradise, every square inch of ground and every breath of air is someone ELSE'S property. The only "rights" the average person will have is the privileges that the ownership class decides to give them. Thus, Libertarianism = NO LIBERTY.

Anonymous said...
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PBI said...


I deleted your comment because it consisted entirely and exclusively of a cut and paste of George Will's latest editorial into my comments section. While I have linked to that material within this comment for anyone who really wants to read the insubstantial Mr. Will's latest foray into misinformed misinformation, what you did isn't relevant to my blog post, and more importantly - by definition - is not a comment but mere parroting. It is unwelcome here.

If you would like to specifically address the post on which you commented, or even share your own original thoughts on any variety of issues, please feel free to do so. If I want to read George Will, he already has an undeserved number of outlets, and my comments section isn't going to be added to the list.