March 6, 2009

Jon Stewart Eviscerates Rick Santelli and CNBC

For those of you who missed the video above, that's Rick Santelli, a CNBC business analyst and former derivatives trader late last month, decrying President Obama's plans to provide federal funds to help homeowners in danger of foreclosure stay in their houses. It became an instant classic among self-proclaimed champions of self reliance and personal responsibility to the point that White House Press Secretary Robert Gibbs addressed Mr. Santelli's rant directly the next day in response to a reporter's question.

Then things got a little weird, with Mr. Santelli characterizing Mr. Gibbs' comments as "a veiled threat", before backing away from that claim under questioning from Matt Lauer on The Today Show. Wednesday night, Mr. Santelli was supposed to appear on The Daily Show, but - unwisely, as it turns out - canceled, leaving host Jon Stewart to put things into proper perspective on his own...


lokywoky said...

The Jon Stewart thing is priceless. Rumors of a Pulitzer have been making the rounds for that one!

Insane isn't it - a comedy show is the only one that tells us the real truth about this crap.

PBI said...

You've got THAT right.