June 25, 2008

The DCCC's Brass Cherries

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The Democratic Congressional Campaign Committee (DCCC) is the offical campaign arm of Democratic Party in the House of Representatives, and is focused on helping to elect Democrats to the House. Yesterday, they sent out a fundraising eMail (partial capture above) claiming that if Democrats are victorious, we can be sure that "we will have leaders who will no longer trade in fear and failure." The solicitation features fomer Vice President Al Gore, and all in all, it's a nice-looking and compelling piece of communication.

If only it were true.

Instead of bringing an end to the fear and failure, Majority Leader Steny Hoyer brought home the fact that this Democratic House of Representatives is mere inches away from being every bit as bad the Republican-led one that preceded it. Mr. Hoyer, along with Senator Kit Bond, manufactured a closed-door deal that capitulated fully and unnecessarily to Bush Administration demands for expanded warrantless surveillance powers and retroactive immunity from prosecution for telecommunications companies that helped the White House spy on Americans illegally.

Simply put, House leadership sacrificed what is, arguably, their one and only major accomplishment - stopping the president and his enablers from further undermining the law and the Constitution - in an untterly spineless betrayal for non-existent political gain. Now the DCCC wants money to continue the great job they apparently believe they have been doing, and on some level, I have to hand it to them; that takes - as a friend of mine used to say - some brass cherries.

The belief that a Democratic majority by and of itself will begin to solve the manifold ills of the George W. Bush presidency has been conclusively demonstrated to be wholly misplaced. The goal must be instead to elect better politicians who work to represent the people of this country to the best of their ability, and with full faith and investment in both the law of the land and the Constitution. Electing Democrats beholden to the DCCC, far from bringing an end to fear and failure, will instead bring only more of the same.

Getting rid of craven pols like Steny Hoyer is every bit as important as unseating Bush Republicans. ActBlue, unlike the Democratic Congressional Campaign Committee, is focused on putting not just Democrats in office, but better Democrats.

ActBlue is currently organizing funding to unseat rubberstamp Republicans and Democrats who enable illegal and failed White House policies. Please visit, and if you are going to contribute to a Democratic House campaign, make it there, rather than the DCCC.

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