August 18, 2007

The Dick Cheney of 1994: A Man You Could Trust

Well, maybe not trust, per se, but at least someone who - if the first clip below is any indication - was at least honest in his 1994 assessment of what the aftermath of a proposed U.S. invasion of Iraq would bring.

Be warned: As the number of American dead has passed the 3,700 mark (and more than 340 Iraqis were killed in a single attack earlier this week), the accuracy with which the Mr. Cheney predicts the consequences of invading Iraq may well make your blood boil. And it clearly makes The Daily Show's Jon Stewart angry, as he loses a degree of his usual cool in an interview (second clip below) with Cheney hagiographer Stephen F. Hayes on the subjects of honesty, leadership and the impugning of war opponents' patriotism, including his own.

Unquestionably, the risks associated with overthrowing Saddam Hussein were known; they were simply ignored. The bloodshed that has resulted in Iraq is not the result of ignorance or incompetence as various apologists for this fiasco have claimed; instead, it is without a doubt the product of negligence that can only be termed criminal.

(Both videos courtesy of Crooks and Liars.)

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