May 28, 2007

Memorial Day 2007

United States dead (Iraq): 3,433
United States wounded (Iraq): 25,549
Civilian dead (Iraq): 64,405
United States dead (Afghanistan): 387
United States wounded (Afghanistan): 1,250
Civilian dead (Afghanistan): 5,000


Brian said...

And it is only going to get worse with the bunch of pussy Democrats we currently have.

I eschew eloquence of verbiage here because their lack of spine demands it.

PBI said...

You'll get no argument from me. The Democrats completely capitulated to President Bush and failed to enforce the mandate of the people who put them in power in the last election. The gutless wonders agreed to finance the deaths of more Americans and more Iraqis, and did NOTHING to fix the gaping hole in national security caused by the overextension and wanton abuse of our military.

The only thing for which this is "the beginning of the end" - as Rahm Emanuel claimed was the case for the Bush Iraq policy - is their political careers. The American public wants out of Iraq, and if they can't do the job, we need to find someone who can. Their political ass-covering is pathetic.