April 17, 2007

Now Do You Understand?

Larry Johnson, a former CIA agent, writes a blog called No Quarter. In a recent post, entitled Now Do You Understand?, he juxtaposes the horrific events in Blacksburg yesterday with daily life in Iraq. As in any instance of tragedy, there is a risk of being accused of trying to score political points by linking it to a larger issue, but I don't believe that Johnson does that. (In contrast to these two alleged human beings.)

Instead, he calls attention to the emotional impact we have experienced as Americans in the wake of the Virginia Tech shootings, and asks us to imagine mutiplying that many times to fit the length and breadth and depth of daily slaughter in Iraq brought on by the U.S. invasion and occupation. It's a necessary reminder that Iraqis are human beings who suffer greatly because of our nation's policies, and that the lives of people outside U.S. borders have value, too.

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