December 31, 2006

Final Thoughts for 2006

As we close out 2006 and inch closer to the day when President George W. Bush will thankfully become former President George W. Bush, perhaps our most important resolution should be to prepare ourselves for the work which lies ahead of us. Although November's mid-term election results are a promising sign that the nation is slowly taking off the blinders it has worn for the past several years, we have a long road to recovery before the ideals and values we espouse are once again supported by the substance of our actions.

As I have written in the past - most recently with A Nation of Hypocrites - we are no longer anything but pretenders to the sort of liberty and justice that we grew up believing were the hallmarks of America. We are a nation of double standards, and while the president's power has been curtailed and his approval ratings hover near all-time lows, he continues to work on shepherding this nation over the edge of a moral cliff. Glenn Greenwald at Unclaimed Territory has more on the utter, ludicrous hypocrisy of Mr. Bush's attempts to set himself up as the champion of due process and the rule of law in the wake of Saddam Hussein's execution, and I think he expresses it in a way that needs no amplification from me.

Have a happy and safe New Year, and enjoy a little end-of-year musical angst from Comedy Central's Last Laugh 2006!

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