October 30, 2006

Bilal's Imprisonment and Blitzer's Dismay

Glenn Greenwald's Unclaimed Territory is required reading for anyone who cares about individual rights and constitutional law. He has two posts today that are very much in keeping with recent pieces that have appeared here, and that are well worth absorbing.

The first, What the Bilal Hussein Detention Reveals About the Bush Administration, recounts the circumstances surrounding the indefinite detention in Iraq of an Associated Press photographer who has been held without charge for the last 14 months. It amplifies themes covered in articles that have appeared here recently, including The Abyss Stares Back, The Disappeared and Hotel California, and details the near total capitulation of the press in allowing his imprisonment to stand.

The second, Wolf Blitzer's Shock Over Lynne Cheney's Attack describes a dynamic within the top ranks of the press corps that further weakens American reportage, and that dovetails with the direct confrontation and media consolidation policies pursued by the Bush Administration described in Vigilance Required.

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